Get Your Death Pool On 2006 Death Pool

Tis the season to get in on the second annual Lyst Death Pool, and you all suck those of you who didn't get in last year. Put together a list of names and submit them to me. Player lists will be posted after Midnight Dec 31st, 2006.

Now for some rules:


Pick up to 10 names
Game starts Midnight, Dec. 31st, 2006. Lists submitted after then will be ignored
Game ends Midnight, Dec 31st, 2007
Lists cost $10USD, $12CAN, £6GBP, or €8EUR per name
Winner(s) will be determined by points, top three winners split pot 50/35/15
Names can be shared across lists, but the lists won't be posted until the game starts
Each pick is worth 100 pts. minus the pick's age (yes, if you pick some one over 100 you actually lose points, but is a perfectly legit pick)
If you clear your list (everyone on it dies); bonus 50 pts.
If you pick some one who dies in December; bonus 35 pts.
If your list contains the first pick to die after the game begins; bonus 30 pts.
If your list contains the last pick to die during the game; bonus 30 pts.
If you are the only one to pick a name; bonus 25 pts.
If you share a pick with one other player; bonus 20 pts.
If you share a pick with two other players; bonus 15 pts.
If you pick a Nobel Prize winner; bonus 10 pts.
The pick must be famous; no kin, and no one on the lyst
"The oldest man in the world" or the "tallest woman on Earth" is no good either- we need a name
No pulling a Terry Shaivo; you cannot pick a person who is dying
No Scott Petersons- the pick cannot be on death row
Pick must be human (Koko the signing ape is not an eligible pick)
Anyone can play, lystoid or otherwise.


Players/pick lists

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Last Year's Winners