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Views from New York
(Andrew Kirby)

The ruins still smoulder, smoke still rises.

I was waitng for a ferry home when a guy asked me "Can you see it from the boat? The World Trade Center?".

"Well, what's left of it, you can".

"Oh good. 'Cos this is a lot cheaper than the Circle line". (The Circle Line is a tourist boat that does does a lap around Manhattan. Costs $12 I think).

"I suppose".


"D'you think they'll get that Ossama guy?"

"I don't know"

"Yeah, they'll get him all right", then added "Cocksucker".

I presumed this last referred to Bin Laden, and not me, but to be on the safe side I made very sure to sit well away from him on the ferry.

Now these days, I've pretty much stopped looking at ground zero, but with this incident, I looked over as we passed. The wreckage is still indescribable. The ruins still smoulder, smoke still rises. There are still chunks of the WTC embedded in the World Financial Center, sticking out from the sides of the buildings like lunatic vestigial wings. Giant cranes work day and night hauling pieces of steel and human out of a big hole in the ground.

I marvelled slightly at the thought of a guy wanting to go see what is essentially a bomb-crater, and then congratulating himself on getting a better deal than the Circle Line.

- akirby@uplink.net

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