I've been thinking how absolutely confused the guy who reads my email must be... It's gotta be a lot like being 7 years old and watching through a keyhole as an entire circus has an orgy.
- Pope Zypgx I

Where was Dobbs on July 5th, 1997? For that matter, where were the Xist saucers? The death rays? The Pipes of Doom? The Rupture? Nowhere! We have been LIED TO. "Bob" is a sham. JHVH-1 isn't watching. The Stark Fist of Removal is nowhere to be seen. ,,oBo,, - the inverse "Bob" from the Negative Time Stream and benevolent Lyst Slackfather - is your ONLY CHANCE against the Bavarian Illuminati and their NAZI HELL CREATURES FROM BENEATH THE HOLLOW EARTH. Sign up to the Lyst TODAY and GAIN SLACK TOMORROW.

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