Come on Fellow slackers- Its time to die For our freedom
What the hell is wrong with you all
Can't you see divinely instired writing when it is smacking you right in the face?
Its your Freedom Call- and here are your marching orders

We are all going to get our sawed off shotguns and drive to Washington
we are all getting off on pencilvania (for all of you that have a good firm pencil)
and walking to the white house where we will all blast eachother until firmly dead.
Those who are not willing to die for his freedom should be shot, the rest will
go down in history as patriotic martyrs for the cause!

Next we are going to congress, and with the same saw we sawed our shotguns
we are going to saw off our legs and throw them on the floor. Our agents on
the floor will then have a bonafied leg up on the compitition. If you can't at
least give alittle leg work for the cause you will not be given a wheel chair and will be
forced to serve as second base.

It really does not matter where you go, a public mall, Mc Dona
lds, Burger king
or your local morgue. Just Put a gun to your head and say the Sacred word
I regret I have but one life to give for my country and put a bullet in your
brain. Freedom that is to easily gotten is to lightly esteemed.

Blast away wherever you get tickets to any kind of theater or Television show.
Sure this will never make the news or get on TV, but think of the laughs you
get from a captive audience.

Always take a tyrant with you. There are government agents every day sneaking
up to your home. Whether or not he really is a government agent or just the
jehovahs witness it really makes absolutely no difference. Blast away and keep
the corpses piled up real high on your lawn Planting the American Flag right
in their midsts. If the american flag is not drenched in the blood of tyrants,
well it just ain't nothing to salute over. Give the neighbors in your area
the "I mean business" I'll kill anyone who even walks toward my private property
the Message is Clear- Without Anarchy there really can be no freedom
to kill and maim whomsoever and wheresoever. This God given personal freedom
must be upheld at all costs. Tomorrow 50,-000 of us are marching straight to
the IRS and with sticks of dynamite shoved up our rectums ,we are going to
splatter them all with internal organs they haven't even discoverred yet. We will
burry the illuminauti with our bowls, leg muscles sinnus and assorted bloody mess,
God I love freedom. So Either Use your freedoms or go to some commie country
right now ok- Just like in Starship troopers- If you are not willing to die
defending freedom you are less than useless, those arn't balls, those are christmass
ornaments-- and You know about the Cottage Cheese that refused to be eatten??
Well they all become Curdish Rebbels and all because we cryed over spilled

now sing
Onward christian soldgiers marching as to war, With the Cross of Jesus Going
on before!

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