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Date:        Wed, 14 Apr 1999 11:08:19 -0400
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>> WOW, some loving God you have,

A friend of mine met what she says was the original Judeo-Christian God in a
dream. It's a very old desert spirit and it lives on blood: physical blood,
and also spiritual blood in the sense of sucking away the life force and
free will of those who cannot escape its talons.

To make a long story short, she escaped.


The Bible asserts that I am a slave: either a slave to God (the Good Cop,)
or to His Henchman the Devil (the Bad Cop.) I cannot accept slavery as a
condition for living. In fact, it sounds like a con game to me... like
selling somebody real estate they cannot see till after they die.

Christianity has been spread with the sword everywhere it has gone. I would
challenge anyone to show me a country where the majority of people claim or
used to claim to be Christians and where they were converted from their
native paganism without violence. Without violence, Christianity is nothing.

Its theology amounts to a computer virus for the human brain. Once infected,
the brain cannot reliably run any of its other programs. All it can do is
try to spread the virus.

This is my opinion. I have met some Christians who seem like really nice
people who would never think of burning people alive just for disagreeing
with them....

Still, there are some unassailable facts:
1) Christian Churches have always tortured and killed those who disagreed
with them, except where some other power actively prevented them from doing
2) Christian Churches have always fought hard against anyone who would stand
in the way of their right to torture their flocks.
3) Even today, there is every indication that Christian fundamentalists are
armed and ready to begin killing again, just as soon as they think they can
get away with it.

If an anti-Christ exists, it is a person or group of great power whose goals
and attitudes are directly counter to those of Jesus in every way
imaginable. This would be the fundamentalists. Fundamentalism IS the anti


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Put it this way, Seamus:
Did you ever join a group of people you hardly know at a bar? And they seemed to have some kind of a running gag going? One that was maybe just a little at your expense? And they manage to keep the gag going without ever seeming to let the others in on what to do next? And if you hang around for a little while it seems like they're arguing furiously one minute, and cracking jokes the next? And before too long you're in on the running gag too, a nd you can pull the same fast one on the next person to come in? You are in that bar. It's your round. I'll have a pint of MGD, thanks, and a packet of potato chips, barbecue if they gottem.