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Title Rating  Description/Comments Reviewer
Alpha Centauri (Sid Meier) ****½ Bad-ass strategy game, successor to Civilization II Tick
Civilization II **** Strategy: Build an Empire to last a lifetime Tick
Civilization: Call to Power *** Strategy, successor to Civilization II Tick
Doom II *** The original first person shooter.  Tick
Flight Simulator 98 ***½ Flight Simulator Tick
Gettysburg! *** Real-time Civil War Simulator Tick
Half-Life ***½ First person shooter (needs a crack) Tick
Hardball 6 *** Baseball Simulator Tick
Heavy Gear *** Mechanized robot simulator, sequel to MechWarrior II & Mercs Tick
High Heat Baseball 2000 ***½ Baseball similator Tick
Heroes of Might & Magic III *** Fantasy Role Playing Tick
iM1A2 Abrams Tank Simulator Tick
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II ***½ First person shooter, set in  the Star Wars world, 2 CD set Disk 1 is fucked
Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith ***½ First person shooter, set in  the Star Wars world Tick
Lords of the Realm II *** Fantasy Role Playing Tick
MechWarrior II *** Mechanized robot simulator Tick
MechWarrior II: Mercenaries *** Mechanized robot simulator,sequel to Mech II Tick
MDK *** First person shooter Tick
Mortal Kombat 3 **½ Fighting Game Tick
Moto Racer *** Motorcycle racing  Tick
Moto Racer II ***½ Motorcycle racing - improved graphics Tick
Panzer General II *** Strategy Tick
Quake II ***½ First person shooter Tick
Requiem: Avenging Angel ***½ First person shooter Tick
Riven *** Puzzles & graphics, sequel to Myst, *5 CD set* Tick
RoadRash *** Motorcycle Racing with streetpunk attitudes & violence Tick
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division **½ Somewhere between Doom & Mechwarrior Tick
Silent Hunter *** Submarine Simulator Tick
Simcity 2000 ***½ Nice City Simulator  Tick
Simcity 3000 ***½ Cosmetic upgrade to Simcity 2000 Tick
Soldiers at War *** Strategy Tick
Steel Panthers III *** Strategy Tick
Star Trek: Armada ***½ Real-time 3D Strategy set in ST:TNG Universe Tick
Star Trek: Hidden Evil *** First person adventure Tick
Star Trek: StarFleet Command ***½ Real-time Battle Simulator Tick
Star Wars: Episode I Racers *** Pod racing, a variant on the motorcycle theme Tick
Superbike ** Motorcycle racing  Tick
Syndicate Plus *** Control your own gang of corporate thugs Tick
Unreal  ***½ First person shooter, nice graphics, likes a 3D board, needs CPU horsepower Tick