Lyst dot org has been around since around 2000 or so. Maybe earlier - I really don't remember - but definitely some time around then.

Anyway, over the years the front page has been through a number of changes. Various graphic doodads have been added and subtracted, and it seemed a shame to just forget about them. After all - in some cases, these pictures required actual work - effort! - to create.

On the other hand, most of them were just ripped off from somewhere else on the internet by someone with a sound knowledge of how to copy and paste. But still and all, it seems a shame that they should be forgotten.

So here they are:


This was the first banner headline for It lasted from the beginning to about November 2004. Why change what is clearly a fine piece of work? Just to make a smaller headline so that the page didn't require so much scrolling, that's why. The fact that it's ugly had nothing to do with the editorial decision.

For years, the front page just consisted of the headline, a picture that someone found funny, and then a list of links. Here's the first picture that was on the front door.

Lumbago? Rheumatics?

This lasted from the beginning to some time in about 2003, when some unspeakable knave decided it was time for a new picture. But more on this later.

Well, for a while, it wasn't just headline, funny picture, links. Here's how the links used to be introduced.

finger wrat's here

In the first version of the front page, this sat above a list of links. Somebody changed the list of links to a table. I'm not sure when, and I'm not sure who did it. (Hey! Pay me $100 an hour to research this stuff, and I'll take a bit more care, OK?)

Once the Lyst page had changed to its table format for the links, the only changes for a long time were to the silly picture itself. Here are the pictures in approximately chronological order.

Look after Dad

This was probably the second longest lasting of all of the pictures on the front page. It lasted from latish 2003 to about April 2004. (See above for notes on historical accuracy).

It is actually a genuine advertisement from the 20's or so, although unsurprisingly, there was some retouching done. The original advice was to get Dad a Radio.

Later removed in favor of...

Who's that copper with the helmet on?

April 2004 (?) to July/Augustish 2004. Everybody's favorite copper, assuming that by "everybody", you mean "everybody born in England during the '50s".

If you're strange enough to wonder about this guy then Google for "PC Dixon".

Later removed in favor of...

Jerry Lesi - What can you say?

July/Augustish 2004 to about November 2004. There's really nothing to say about this picture.

Except to mention that the original caption on the page that this pic was stolen from pointed out that "To complete the Trifecta, this picture was taken in France".

Later removed in favor of...

You mean this site mentions Wookie?

This one didn't last long. November 2004 to December 2004. This picture originally had the caption "You mean this site mentions Wookie?".

Later removed in favor of...

Drun Gay - No that there's anything wrong with that

Animation that lasted from December 2004 until April 9 2005. Someone complained that he couldn't see the animation because he runs some kind of weird-ass Moonman operating system that can't handle Quicktime. Some noble soul converted it to an animated .gif for him.
It's still not as good as the QuickTime version, but you have to code for the riff-raff - the lowest common denominator - around here, if you take my meaning.

You know what? We're not going to take this dog-in-the-manger, if-I-can't-see-it-neither-can-you attitude any longer. Screw him.

View the real thing here.

(Bonus! There's music too!)

Later removed in favor of...

iPod Prototype

April 9 — May 20, 2005. (I found a picture I liked better). The original caption was some junk about it being an iPod Prototype. Really funny if you find that sort of thing really funny.

Later removed in favor of...

The front page from May 20 '05 - Aug 12 '05 . The beer commercial and penguin - man, I could have watched that penguin clip for hours.

The Penguins are retired... But here they are....

BAD Penguin

Later removed in favor of...

The front page from Aug 12 '05 - Aug 13 '05 . The beer commercial and falling pig - man, I could watch that pig clip for hours.

One day after the previous change, I decided to retire the Whitbread's advert too. But here it is.

M'mm BEER!

The previous caption was something like:
"Professor Voorhis is so fascinated by Whitbread's Pale Ale, that he has a 'moment with himself' with his right hand, and attempts to snatch his companion's dinner rolll with his left.

Meanwhile, his companion hurls her beer over her shoulder for reasons that are unclear."

Later removed in favor of...

The front page from Aug 13 '05 - Aug 16 '05 . The thinker and falling pig - man, I could have watched that pig clip for hours.

Two days after the previous change, I decided to retire the falling pig too. But here it is.

Wedding Day Fun

I removed this because I'd stolen it from someone. It's still damn' funny though.

Later removed in favor of...

The current front page. The thinker and lakeside fun - man, I could watch that guy explode for hours.

(I was lazy - I only replaced the still picture).

And now, our thanks to our gracious host, Mr. "DV", whom God preserve, of Canadia.

Thanks, Mr. V