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ReplicantHissing and clunking, the engine finally gave out and the car slowed to a stop on the desert road.
NieceThe chickens in the back clucking away.
Fork U"Yeah, right." she says. "This is the oldest trick in the book. You get me out here in the middle of nowhere and feign car trouble. All this effort just try to get me to look at your lizard."
Eric J. Gustafson"But the Emerald Gecko is a thing of rare beauty!!"
Replicant"You must realise, though, that your stories don't con me," she said. "Just because it's scaly don't mean it's a lizard." She stood there and glared at him, defiant with her arms folded, the moonlight reflecting brightly from the polish on her wooden teeth.
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Dan Kinney"I know," he sighed, kicking some sand around a stray human skeleton.
"And all this empty pretense is only distracting me from becoming a rising power in the fast food industry. I don't know what came over me." Sinking to his knees, he began to weep copiously.
Tim O'NeilShe put a knobby hand on his shoulder.
"I invented a new kind of french fry, did you know that?!" he cried out to her.
"I crinkle cut a beet one day, I was bored, y'know? But the damn thing actually tasted GOOD!" He sobbed into the dirt.
"Look, we need to, uh, find a place to stay for the night or something, unless you know where we can get some gas, and judging from the look of this place, I'm betting not." She looked about the desert, glanced at the sunken columns and huge warped pocket watches that littered the landscape. Nope, no gas pumps.
Eric J. GustafsonShe scoffed. She scoffed again. She leaned her head back and howled, then looked at him, drool dripping off her chin. "You know what the mere mention of root vegetables does to me," she whispered. "Prove you love have the know what to do..."
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Mark MuellerHe looked at his lizard. "Actually, I don't know what to do. You see," he hesitated, tormented by his confession, "it's not really my lizard."
"Where'd you get it?" She asked dully, looking at the the ground.
"I got it from a hitch hiker. He... I..." he couldn't finish.
"You killed him, didn't you?" No shock or fear; she was crying, silently.
The man sniffed and wiped tears from his cheek with the back of his hand.
"I was forced to. He was dressed up as a clown!" He looked back over his shoulder at the woman.
ChrisCyr"Funny," she said, "My brother is hitchhiking across the country dressed as a clown."
"Hmm," he replied, looking up at the sky, "What a strange coincidence."
"Yeah, I guess it is. I'm hungry - can we eat the lizard? Or the chickens maybe?"
Niece"No, I am NOT hungry anymore!" she said. "I want to fondle your tits."
Agape, he explained "I do NOT HAVE ANY TITS!" She smiled. He stood there wondering if he should come clean for a few moments. Meanwhile; she laughed.

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