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ReplicantHissing and clunking, the engine finally gave out and the car slowed to a stop on the desert road.
NieceThe chickens in the back clucking away.
Fork U"Yeah, right." she says. "This is the oldest trick in the book. You get me out here in the middle of nowhere and feign car trouble. All this effort just try to get me to look at your lizard."
Eric J. Gustafson"But the Emerald Gecko is a thing of rare beauty!!"
Replicant"You must realise, though, that your stories don't con me," she said. "Just because it's scaly don't mean it's a lizard." She stood there and glared at him, defiant with her arms folded, the moonlight reflecting brightly from the polish on her wooden teeth.
Baron Saturday"You reject my Emerald Gekko?" he growled. "Well, at any rate, have a termite or two. They're very tasty."
Replicant"No thanks, I prefer the delights of the fish finger."
"Hey, I'm game," he said, pulling on his latex surgical gloves.
NieceShe picked up some termites and hucked them in his face. "How dare you?!"
"You have the nerve to remove the wings first?!"
She fell to the ground, sobbing. The man was stunned; he didn't know what to do.
Replicant"Look, I..."
"Damn your filthy eyes!" she wept. "Look what you made me do! I've dislodged my implants." Pulling off her wig, she undid the catch on her cranial socket with shaking fingers and tried to realign the neurochips in their placements. "You know how fragile they are before they've fully set. Oh, fu-" she fumbled and the translator chip fell to the dusty earth. "AIOLUIIOATO! Uliolu eroiiua amroilutou amralia -" she finally managed to re-seat it in its slot. "- and over and over again until blood is running freely out of it, you fucker."
He tried not to imagine what she had been threatening to do, and winced, failing.

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