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Snapitt & Runne
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Photographic Team

Your ace rotogravure team at work

93 Bank Street,
London, EC2 3QW
July 16, 2004

Dear Sir,
It is with great pleasure that we accept your commission to provide “photographs” of Lyst-members. Here is the first batch.

It is our understanding that you do not take this enterprise seriously, as there is obviously no such company as “Snappitt & Runne”. Accordingly, we saved ourselves the trouble of doing any actual work by simply ripping off unusual pictures from the Internet and slapping any old caption on them.

As you must be aware, we are figments of your (none-too fertile) imagination, so actually you did all the “work” anyway. From this fact, it follows that if you don't like our work, you are, in effect, arguing with yourself, and you might want to think about changing the channel, if you take my meaning.

Yours Sincerely,

As should be obvious from the letter above, even Mess’rs Snappit & Runne admit that they don’t exist. I’ll leave it up to you to think out the logical implications of a non-existent company’s confirming its own non-existence.

Anyway, here — in no particular order — are either the results of their year-long, world-wide search for Lyst members, or a pile of silly pictures acquired through the magic of copy'n'paste and Photoshop, depending on who you believe — me, or those lying hounds at Snappitt & Runne.

All captions were written by the little men that run around in my head.

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