Single Bullet Theory

Trailer Parks in the Stars
An alien race discovers something that will change everything in the ruins of an ancient town.
Meet a walking insult to the laws of thermodynamics, and find out what kind of trouble Jinx get into with a ton of LSD.
No Fun
Jinx gets rid of that acid, and Peter meets a sincere, intelligent fan.
Peter revisits his "childhood", Jinx goes where everyone knows her name, and Honor Guard does some promo work.
Lost in Space
When a long lost scout calls home, Executive Officer Simon Nexton need some help to clear up a messy situation.
Something Has Happened In The Motorcade
The conclusion to Single Bullet Theory.

Radio Free Earth

It Was Fine When It All Began
Something from the future, something from the past.
Peter gets a visitor, we see what he was up to in the war, and Camillo Skrag gets his marbles back.
Camillo discovers a supernova, Magrige falls, and Peter gets his marbles back.
The Radio Miners
"OK, I want a god-damned concerted effort to come out of a record that isn't a fucking up-tempo record every time I do a god-damned DEATH dedication..."

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